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Thomas Brown is ready to fight for you to progress East Fort Worth and help the east side reach its full potential.   




Lack of responsible development and abundance of poor development choices.

The city can and should do more to bring positive development to East Fort Worth. Thomas plans to do what it takes to promote the responsible development East Fort Worth needs.

Food Desert

The food desert we are currently facing in much of District 5 is caused by several other problems.  Fortunately, there are also several solutions.

Lack of career opportunities and high level jobs in East Fort Worth

With responsible development of commercial property comes the opportunity for jobs and careers to progress people forward and increase area wages.

Crime and Safety

Thomas will help FWPD and Code Compliance get the resources they need, to do their jobs to the best of their ability and make East Fort Worth safer for residents and more appealing to visitors.

Upkeep and improvements of existing infrastructure.

Thomas will fight for the funding to repair and replace the failing (or missing) streets, lights, and sidewalks in East Fort Worth. 

K - 12 Education

Thomas will work with the school board to do the city's part in helping to increase the education and literacy rates and better prepare the students to be successful in the work force and life.


Thomas believes that public, and especially elected officials should be as transparent as possible and have regular contact with the people who they represent.

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